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About The Designer

Hi! I am Charlotte Hayes


Thanks for checking out my website!

Taking ideas and giving them a visual reality is my passion. I love making the world a prettier place. Photoshop, photography techniques, design and illustration allow me to create  alternate reality photographic images to modern clean layouts for magazine/ads/cds/brochures and everything inbetween.  Creating is what I thrive on, leading me to earn an Art Degree from Warren Wilson College in 2003 and to continue pursuing art in various forms since. I use Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, and even old fashion art supplies like pen, ink, pencils and various paints.

Creating visions from someone else’s ideas and communicating to bring that vision into reality is one of my key focuses as a designer.  I enjoy the challenge guidelines bring to a project, from the vague to the specific. Guidelines give you expectations to exceed and pass. My goal is happy clients who I meet or exceed expected guidelines by creating while listening to their needs.

So what does that mean for you?

I listen to what you want and use my talents and skills to make exactly what you are looking for:

  • A brand logo matching your brand’s personality and target audience including color and font profile….
  • Beautiful well lit portraits taken on location, photoshopped to turn them into a specific magical realm, that becomes a book cover design….
  • Your favorite image or stock photography to create a CD cover or ad…
  • Website built using WordPress with simple instructions on how to update…
  • Designs for a T-shirt to strut your stuff…

Got a project in mind that I have not mentioned? I have many skills and may have one that fits your project… Just ask!

I  love meeting in person, but have clients all over the world that I meet with online. Have something you would like to create? Let me know and we can brainstorm your perfect design or image into reality!

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